Corpus Poet

Current in the 8th grader, Sophia B. was published in the Summer of 2022 by the America Library of Poetry, in a book entitled "Resilience". Her poem amalgamated faith, nature, and creation into a poem reflecting the effervescent wonders of life. Sophia utilized literary techniques of euphony, metaphor, and imagery, and furthermore harnessed inspiration from several poets such as Alexander Pushkin and Amanda Gorman.  Additional thanks to Caitlin McCarthy, the 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher and 8th Grade English Teacher, for always inspiring, proliferating, and supporting Sophia's literary interests.

Link to “Resilience” can be found here:

Here is Sophia's poem:


The Story of Life: Prologue

by Sophia Berez


A fresh canvas to start what never ends

Colossal medleys of entrancing colors scattered across creation's palette

The ramshackle utensils of artistry are bestirred from their long rest

Brow furrowed, God renders the everlasting epitome of creation

Colors tranquilly flow throughout the barren landscape

The land basks under the warm glow of the newborn sun

Mother Nature clothes the terrain in a gentle, misty blessing

Her essence warms icebound souls into a pristinely blossoming reality

Father Time knits a mesmerizing ocean: clear, yet filled with mystery

He scrupulously chisels landforms with the find tip of his eternal scythe

The Great Spinning Wheel itself is once more summoned to interlock the threads of sin and grace

The petrichor of replenished life dawns upon the land

Nature and Time take on the golden throne, as God tenderly cradles the world in his arms

He sings us silent lullabies to smooth our twisted Muscle of Emotion

If only our ears weren't immune to its melody, if only our hearts weren't immune to its words

If only our minds weren't afraid to believe it, if only we weren't afraid to sing it