WCEA/WASC Improving Student Learning Report - March 2023
"We, the Visiting Committee, wish to commend you, the pastor, administration, faculty, staff, parents, and student body of Corpus Christi School for working together to make the school a loving, caring and learning environment. We pray that the good work that you have done and the plans that you have made for the future will help you become an even better school.
The team found our three days at Corpus Christi School professionally rich and personally rewarding. We experienced a community where everyone is striving to provide a Catholic environment where quality education is a priority.
We wish to thank all of you, pastor, principal, faculty, staff, parents and students for your warm and gracious hospitality.
May the Christ we serve bless you with every success as you journey into your future."
To view the report in its entirety, please download the
"WCEA_WASC Report of Findings March 2023" PDF