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CYO Sports

Corpus Christi School is proud to be a member of the East Bay Parochial League.

We offer the following sports:



Cross Country (co-ed) 3rd – 8th September - October

Boys Basketball            3rd – 8th November - January

Girls Volleyball             4th - 8th November - January

Girls Basketball            3rd - 8th March - May

Boys Sand Volleyball   6th - 8th March - May

Track (co-ed)                 3rd - 8th March - May


Participating in sports requires a commitment by team members to attend all practices and games. The coaches will determine the day and time of practice. Games are in the evening on Friday or weekends, and are determined by the East Bay Parochial League. The eligibility code will be followed.

Corpus Christi will provide all sports uniforms. Uniforms for basketball and volleyball are distributed at the beginning of the first sports season your child plays and will be collected at the end of the school year or the last sports season your child plays. Cross-country and track coaches will distribute those uniforms. Uniforms must be returned when requested and in clean satisfactory condition. If there is a question about the condition of the returned uniform (determined by the Athletic Director and Principal), or it is not received, a full replacement fee will be charged.

The athletic program is reliant on a commitment by students and their families. Parents are expected to help with coaching (as needed), provide transportation, maintain uniforms, support teams by attending games, arrange for one, non-coach parent to attend practices, and follow Corpus Christi and CYO Codes of Conduct.


For schedules and additional information: East Bay Parochial League CYO