CHESS: Students may participate through our partnership with the Berkeley School of Chess. The Berkeley Chess School’s chess programs are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of all ages. They provide rigorous training in chess while making the process fun, with skilled and engaging instructors and an eye toward personal growth. Parents are responsible for enrolling their students and paying all associated fees.


CHURCH CHOIR:  Choir is an extracurricular activity open to students in grades 4-8. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  They must exhibit acceptable behavior in regular classroom activities in order to participate.  No grade is given for choir, nor does it impact the students’ regular music grade.  Our parish music director is the leader. 


STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM:  Children from the incoming 8th Grade apply for Student Leadership Team by the teacher moderators and the administration.  Candidates must meet certain qualifications and have a signed statement of approval from their homeroom teacher, the Principal, and their parents. Selected students are expected to attend a week-long diocesan leadership camp held during the summer.


CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Students in grades 2 through 8 elect a representative from their class who will attend Class Representative meetings each year. There are mandatory monthly meetings after school.  A calendar is provided at the beginning of the year.

MUSE BAND: Students in grades 4th - 8th may participate through our partnership with MUSE Band. Students are taught the basics of playing a band instrument in a full band setting.  Classes are designed to be fun and encouraging. There is no prior experience necessary. The instruments taught are flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone and percussion (bells and snare drum). Classes meet weekly after school on Thursdays. Students perform for our school community at our Christmas and Spring programs. Parents are responsible for enrolling their students and paying all associated fees.


SPORTS: Corpus Christi School is proud to be a member of the East Bay Parochial League. Participating in sports requires a commitment by team members to attend all practices and games. Attendance at practice may be required to be eligible to play in each game. The coaches will determine the day and time of practice. Games are in the evening or weekends, and are determined by the East Bay Parochial League. The eligibility code will be followed.