Catholic Identity

Catholic Identity
The administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students of Corpus Christi School, continually create and promote the development of a rich Catholic community. As a ministry of the parish, Corpus Christi School nurtures and challenges its multi faceted K – 8 student body. Catholic Identity and Catholic Ministry are the keystones and foundation for teaching and learning at Corpus Christi School.
Prayer is an integral and entwined part of daily life at Corpus Christi. From Morning Assembly, to prayer and intentions at the end of the day, prayer is constant. It is both teacher led and student led, formal and informal. Extra curricular activities such as Student Council, drama, choir, and sports begin with prayer. Students lead celebrations throughout the liturgical year, including monthly liturgies and various para liturgical celebrations. These services are student-centered and teachers act as the facilitators. They are based around Holy Days, days of celebration and remembrances and include simple, theme-based services like the Multi-Cultural Mass or the Peace Maker prayer service. Students proclaim the readings, assist as altar servers, read and write prayers of the faithful, sing and play music, and perform dramatic re-enactments of gospel stories and parables. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend these services and are always present.
Students engage in the school’s faith community through worship and are supported by “ the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - Creed, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer,” as offered by the Faith First religion curriculum. Students demonstrate knowledge of the Catholic faith using lessons taught by the pastor and teachers. Students learn the importance of tolerance and acceptance of other faith traditions and beliefs. This is practiced and realized through the celebrations of Passover, the Seder Meal and observance of Ramadan, as well as the celebration of Christian faith traditions like the All Saints Day Mass, Dia De Los Muertos and the May Crowning. Students’ knowledge and understanding of the goodness of God’s creation, which includes respect for our bodies, minds and spirits is addressed in the Family Life Program. Two Family Life lessons are set aside each year for the Diocesan Safe Environment Program.
Student-directed projects such as the annual coat drive, canned food drive, and money drives are supported by both teachers and parents. There is a highly effective faith-based interconnectedness between staff, parents, and children at Corpus Christi. Faculty, staff, and parents work cooperatively to develop each child through Excellence, Service, Justice and Dignity. The PEP program, which is directed by the parents, educates the pupils in the importance of good choice - making through lectures, technology, dramatization and role playing.
Every year the students build upon the foundational knowledge of their faith and grow as socially responsible members of their community. Corpus Christi community is very proud of the graduating students who leave the school academically responsible, spiritually grounded and self-aware. However, it is the knowledge that these students have the life skills to live the vocation of Christ that sets our students apart. Our students are empowered with confidence and self- awareness to make decisions as active Catholics and faith-filled people of God.