Student Learning Expectations


I. “Love and Serve God and Others” - Become a spiritually rooted individual who:

  • Demonstrates a knowledge of the Catholic faith and lives by Christian values        
  • Demonstrates respect for all of God’s creation
  • Acts justly to respect and protect the dignity of others
  • Practices tolerance, compassion, empathy, acceptance
  • Engages in the school’s faith community through worship and stewardship
  • Respects and studies other faith traditions and beliefs



II. “Love Learning” - Become an academically responsible individual who:

  • Masters core curriculum according to his/her abilities
  • Applies critical thinking skills to problem solve
  • Communicates written and spoken ideas effectively and in collaboration with others
  • Uses technology ethically, responsibly and effectively
  • Examines global events and respects diversity
  • Participates in and appreciates visual and performing arts



III. “Love One’s Self” - Become a self-aware individual who:

  • Cares for physical, spiritual and mental well-being
  • Demonstrates self-control and sportsmanship
  • Establishes and strives to meet achievable goals 
  • Advocates for academic and social needs
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Develops age appropriate life skills for success in and out of the classroom