2022-2023 Corpus Christi Parent GroupCCPG image
President - Shannon Johnson
Vice President - Jackie Lohse
Secretary - Mele Mortonson
Treasurer  Brian Gross
Assistant Treasurer - Gabby Kahl
Room Parent Coordinator - Bonnie Machuca
Teacher Incentive Program (TIP) - Sarah Bin
Fundraising Liaison - Cristy Johnston
Mentor / Communications Program - Olivia Dawes
Technology Coordinator - Jannie Chan
Parliamentarian - Amanda Okamoto
2022-2023 Corpus Christi School Board
Rebecca Peterson - President, Aileen Throne - Vice President, Joe Walthers - Finance Chair, Bryan Keane, Brandi Riley (not pictured), Katie Bair, Jennifer Rivas, Ana Jackson, Erik Lunde, and Michael Shalman
Nomination Process

Every year the Corpus Christi Parents Group Board, and Corpus Christi School Board seek enthusiastic and qualified individuals to run for our open positions. If you have ever wondered about either the Parents Group or School Board and the open positions, please contact our current CCPG Parliamentarian Jen Colgan [email protected] or our CCSB Secretary Monique Rivera [email protected]

Board Responsibilities:

Parents Group

Fundraising, parent communication & education, community building, teacher appreciation, enrichment programs for students

School Board

Budget oversight, tuition rates, admission policy, strategic planning & development, policy formulation, capital improvements

How to Run for an Open Position:

  • Speak to a current member of one of our Boards, or Principal to learn more.

  • Fill out an “Intent to Serve” form and return it to a Nominating Committee Member or to the school office in March.

  • Elections will run in March –April.

  • New Board members announced in May.

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