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As a ministry of Corpus Christi Parish, Corpus Christi School is an inclusive Catholic community which educates, nurtures and challenges its K-8 student body to develop life skills for spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional growth.
Mark your calendars today for our Corpus Christi community’s largest fundraiser of the year. The Crab Feed & Auction is a night of fun and fellowship all convening around a common purpose - strengthening our school and parish through fundraising and community building. And we’re finally back to “normal” - the Silent Auction will be held in the school classrooms and the Crab Feed will be back in the gym, so we'll be able to celebrate as one community in person again.
Every dollar raised from the Silent Auction goes directly to the Corpus Christi Parent’s Group, which provides the funds for a myriad of programs that make Corpus Christi unique. We rely on the Silent Auction proceeds to support the Meet the Masters Art Program, technology improvements, classroom remodels, tuition assistance and much more. The funds raised by the Live Auction and Crab Feed go to the Corpus Christi Men’s Club, which also makes generous donations to the school. It’s your participation that makes this event a success. Together, we can raise the funds to support our amazing school community.
Submit your donation/party forms by December 2 and you will get free dress passes for your kids! For more information, or to submit your Party information, visit or

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