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Corpus Christi Community

Corpus Christi is a Community-Based School. We value our community, where each of us can support and encourage each other. Because we believe in our collective future.

Community for Kids - Building a strong community for students is our first priority. It is essential for our students to come to a place where they feel safe and supported not just from the staff, but from their peers, and the families of Corpus. 


Ways our Community grows around our Students:

  • School families
  • 5th grade buddies
  • Participation in school masses & special school assemblies
  • Grandparents/Special Person Day
  • Holiday Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Student Appreciation Day
  • Dances for middle school
  • CYO Sports
  • Spirit Days

Community for Families

Community for Families - Building a strong community reaches beyond our students to the whole family. We are a small and tight community. Parents support one another and 


Ways our Family Community grows:

  • Cross-grade lasting friendships
  • Serving on Boards, committees, as room parents, at class events
  • Events (Walk-A-Thon, Crab Feed, Men’s Club BBQ, Parish Picnic)
  • Family-oriented service projects
  • Supporting each other in joys and tragedies
  • Ornament exchange parties 
  • Mentor program
  • Mens Club
  • Parents Nights out
  • Hosted Auction Parties